So, how does the challenge actually work?

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Pilot Study: Exclusively for UChicago

Flip Phone Challenge: May 13-19

Only 10 ‘Cell-Phone Centurions’ will get in to find themselves and their time away from the phone. Do you have what it takes?

Then join us by Sunday, May the 5th.



  • You're a badass UChicago student.
  • You use a Smartphone user On AT&T, T-Mobile or other 'GSM' network. NOT VERIZON OR SPRINT.
  • You're sick of how your pinging phone has taken over your life
Do you own a smartphone, or does the smartphone own YOU?

Do you own a smartphone, or does the smartphone own YOU?


  • Trade your smart phone for a flip phone plus special tools and items to make it through the week
  • Take the challenge with a friend- you 'Flip Phone Buddy'
  • Hand over your smartphones to each other on Sunday, May the 13th.
  • Spend quality time on people and things that matter, live in the now and sleep in peace every night.


We are running this pilot experiment to gain evidence on whether a smartphone detox is an effective strategy for reducing screen time. The anecdotal evidence of a dozen or so young people who took the challenge 'First Week Flip Phone' during the year May 2018 - May 2019 suggest it is, but we want to do a more rigorous experiment.


  • No need to buy a flip phone- just deposit $10 to borrow one and get it back when you return the phone
  • Diets don't last. So we've used the best of behavioral science and the latest innovations to make your new smartphone habits stick even after the challenge.
  • Complete our short online course (yours for life)
  • Share your story on social media; e.g. through video interview