Spun up this Insta: instagram.com/filipp.honey

Wrote this piece: https://flipph.one/medium-may

I’m gonna stop counting now: but will continue to take the Challenge as long as other people are, and add major updates as and when they arise.

12. April ‘19

Embarked upon the SNVC!

11. March ‘19

One more to go for the full year!

10. February ‘19

Flip Phone Buddy:

9. January ‘19

Flip Phone Buddy:

8. December

Laurence embarks on his final detox challenge for 2018. But are there a few things he just won’t be able to live without? Our new friend, the Governor, may have some useful advice. Also, a special shout out to our new Florida Flip-Phone Folks!

7. November

Laurence & his Flip Phone Buddy Tushar, spent 2018 producing a podcast entitled Flip Phone Diaries. Check it out here:

The November Special episode was picked up by the University of Chicago’s Podcast network, given a professional re-edit & re-release. Search ‘Flip Phone Diaries UC3P’ on your fave provider, or listen on their website:

6. October

#ShotondopeCamera by Mana Jhaveri

#ShotondopeCamera by Mana Jhaveri

5. September

Laurence got his first in-home haircut with the mobile-app based company he works for. With a flip phone. Fortunately his barber had his smartie on hand for the necessary Insta. The OG LG was lost on Laurence’s departure from San Francisco. Can y’all keep an eye out for it pls?

4. August

Day 3: "Got a 1pm meeting with the boss. Bike punctured. No Lyft (D.Long where are you when I need you!). It's 1235pm and work is 5 miles away. I have never run faster."

3. July

In July, Laurence & his LG joined Alana Murphy for a leg of her cross-country ride, raising awareness for the refugees she interviewed along the way. You can find out more on her wonderful website: beautifulcrossing.com.

2. June

1. May