Pop the SIM card out of your smartphone.

If you want to keep being able to do calls & texts to the same number, we recommend switching into a flip phone. Our faves:

LG B470: Amazon: http://flipph.one/lg-amazon Ebay: search for pre-owned phones for around $20-30.

Nokia 3310: Amazon: http://flipph.one/nokia-amazon Ebay: http://flipph.one/nokia

N.B. Verizon & Sprint users: your providers had to use a different technology (CDMA). If you want to try out the flip phone, you should go in-store to talk about the process of switching your plan to a flip phone, or you should get a new SIM (with the usual GSM technology) to use during the week - only drawback: you’ll have a different number!


Wake up on the first Monday of the month, along with a community of fellow detoxers, to a period of smartphone-free bliss. You set how long you want to go. We recommend aiming for the whole week, but even just doing ‘Monday dumb-day’ has an effect.


We recommend finding a flip phone buddy. Trade smartphones with each other. That way, when you go to them telling them how much you need to call that Uber, they will say: "buddy, I'm riding the bus too."

A Flip Phone is...


Using your smartphone smarter

We’ve had smartphones for over 600 weeks now: that’s a long time to get stuck in bad habits.

Before taking on the next six hundred weeks, why not take one to “disconnect & introspect”?

Here's an example from Laurence’s first go at First Week Flip Phone: as we can see screen time is at a healthier level afterwards!


A Retreat

The average American uses their smartphone 16 hours per week.

If you were given 16 extra hours in a week to play with, how would you use them?



Even doggies love it!


Defying Impossibility

What stories will you have to tell the 3rd decade of this millenium? We’ll publish your experience on our Stories page, and share snippets on our Social Media platforms.

Even the tech companies agree it’s a good idea…