Day 25: Back to the Drawing Board

After a fairly productive week, Saturday was a bit of a breathing space on the business front. I spent about half the day just watching the videos of Alain de Boton- the founder of the School of Life.

I went off to explore the DuSable Museum of African American History. I entered in the last half hour. So if you add rain, grim focus area and Sunday evening near closing time, you're going to expect just a handful of people in there. Which is what happened. But the real surprise was when I cycled across to the Polsky Centre, the situation wasn't really all that different.

Christine met me at the entrance, with an interesting plastic flower in her hair.'Hellooo', I told her, surprised at how it came out as a coo. 'It's been a while.' I apologized for not being able to attend Church earlier. Besides my interest in powers we can't explain, I'm also curious what religious leaders have to say on the topic of technology addiction. Do they see it as a problem at all? If so, in what specific way. Well, with Christine's updated invitation, I'm now going to find out on the coming Sunday. Just before I stepped into the main, she warned me about just how empty the space was going to be.

And fair enough, none of the usual hustle-bustle at the Polsky Centre. About 4 students who seemed to be from the Far East. Was that more than a coincidence? Maybe like me, they had stayed back in the interests of saving money on homeward travels. The home in this case lay quite far. That's why Bhargav and I too had stayed back. A lot of our American friends were going to be travelling back home. That made sense.

Whatever be the reason, I was grateful for the calm at the Polsky Centre. So much to do! Today, on a Sunday, the main aim is to get the old blog posts completed, the new appointments for the week to get set up. I walked into the kitchen area and was surprised to find a new printout for Mentor Appointments.Why am I not getting an email on this? I'll check, because there were some wonderful mentors we missed out on purely because we didn't know they were visiting. Like this lady could have helped us with the use of the past FWFP videos.

Anyway, it is what it is. Next week maybe. I found the list of names to annoying to remember while sitting in the next room. So I just brought my laptop the kitchen/ dining room serving area/ oh THAT explained a lot. The Polsky website list had not kept pace with the latest appointments on the printout. So much for staring at the screen. Back to the community board it is.

I went up to Christine and got some contact details in case the link wasn't clearly defined in the Polsky Newsletter.

I was thinking about David Dewane and realized that I already knew another great potential long term collaborator was the team at Bagby. They just happened to be an incredibly good looking couple who created it, and also made their site just as aesthetically pleasing. I wound up there again and this time, began checking how I could reach out to these folks.

And I just did! Got in touch with Juan Sanchez, the founder of Bagby. I got his email address too. He seemed quite nice, and it didn't hurt that he was Spanish and I was talking to him in his language.

Called up Laurence and Yuxin to tell them about Bagby. They'd been out surfing. Yuxin said she still hadn't checked Slack yet. I want to get that Trello-Slack integration working seamlessly.

So it turns out this is actually Day 26 of the Challenge. I have 25 days of backlog to finish. Ach. This is going to take some serious work. Anyway, I can make it happen. For now, heading home to continue work.